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Orthokeratology: Freedom from glasses & contacts!

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  • Controls myopia progression in children
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Our optometrists provide great eye care in West Vancouver & Squamish, and are also proud to serve North Vancouver and Whistler!

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The doctors at Optomeyes want to get to know you, your ocular history and your visual needs. Dr. McRobertsDr. BowdenDr. Davidson and Dr. Hennenfent will spend the time to find your perfect prescription – one that provides the clearest possible vision and allows for optimal visual efficiency based on your specific tasks.

And don’t forget - even if your vision is clear without lenses, it is crucial to have regular eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy. Many serious ocular conditions do not affect vision until it’s too late.

Whatever form of eye care you require, from an annual comprehensive eye exameyeglasses and contact lenses, to the treatment of eye disease (glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration), to pre-operative testing for LASIK, or even binocular vision assessments, our doctors will be sure to provide you with expert care, advice, and treatment.

Optomeyes has two convenient locations. One in West Vancouver and another in Squamish. Check out our Location & Hours page to read more about each location.


Schedule an Appointment Online
West Vancouver

West Vancouver 604-670-6615 Squamish 604-229-8514

Schedule an Appointment Online
West Vancouver

West Vancouver 604-670-6615 Squamish 604-229-8514

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Q&A for Blue Light and Bluetech Lens

Q: What is Blue Light?

  • Blue light refers to the end of the visible spectrum that is characterized by short-wavelength, high-energy light (380-500nm)
  • Sources of blue light include the sun, screens, electronic devices, as well as fluorescent & LED lights
  • Q: What are the negative effects of Blue Light?

    • The high-energy wavelengths of blue light translates to greater flickering, which results in glare, reduced contrast /clarity, and digital eyestrain, including tired eyes, headaches, and mental fatigue
    • Prolonged blue light exposure may cause retinal damage & contribute to macular degeneration
    • Blue light is thought to suppress melatonin production, resulting in a disruption of the natural circadian rhythm & sleep cycle (can contribute to symptoms of insomnia/ restlessness)
    • Recent research suggests that nighttime blue light exposure and/or working the “night shift” is thought to be associated with higher risk of breast/ prostate cancer, heart disease, obesity and depression

    Q: How can we counter the negative effects?

    • Glasses with a blue blocking filter can prevent this harmful type of light from entering the eyes (rather, the light is reflected at the surface of the lens back out into the environment)

    Q: What can an OD do to help me in this area?

    • Your optometrist can prescribe you a special type of glasses with a blue blocking filter for use during prolonged screen-time
    • Your optometrist will also discuss other behavioral & environmental modifications that you can use to reduce the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

    Q: What is the relationship between Computer Vision Syndrome and Blue Light?

    • Computer Vision Syndrome is a term used to describe the symptoms of strain, headaches, tired eyes, blurred vision, dry eye that patients often describe after extended use of tablets/ digital devices
    • Preventing blue light from entering the eyes has been shown to relieve many of these symptoms and allows patients to work on their devices comfortably for longer periods of time

    Q: Bluetech Lenses –

    • What are Bluetech lenses used for and what are their benefits?
    • Bluetech lenses block high-energy blue light from entering your eyes. This allows for:
    • UV ray and high-energy blue light protection
    • Natural depth and colour perception
    • Improves visual acuity & night vision
    • Improves contrast & reduces glare
    • Please describe the technology behind them
    • Bluetech lenses filter high-energy blue & UV light using a specialized ocular lens pigment (derived from the oxidation of 3-Hydroxykynurenine).
    • This pigment is combined with melanin & isolated in a durable material, which is then added to the optical lens, providing protection, contrast and colour enhancement
    • Are there different types of Bluetech lenses and what are they used for?

    Indoor lenses:

    • provide protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light, such as harsh fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and personal electronics, while also giving you soothing vision.

    Outdoor Lenses

    • Outdoor lenses allow patients to experience the ultimate visual performance and protection.
    • See everything in high-definition! Experience improved visual acuity, better color perception and reduced glare, with a unique lens technology that is durable and provides the protection you need to prevent the damaging effects of UV rays and high-energy blue light.

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