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Optomeyes Squamish carries SPY brand sunglasses!


ABOVE: 6 examples of the many styles available in Spy sunglasses. Each style also comes in several colour options from more traditional black, brown and tortoiseshell, to bright and fun blues, pinks and reds. Drop by our Squamish location to try on Spy and find your unique style and colour.

Most Spy sunglasses are also available to be made with prescription lenses. As with all our glasses, your Spy sunglasses are covered by a one year warranty.

From the Website: Spy's design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but continues to push the technological limits in eyewear. Spy's innovative patented Scoop® technology revolutionized its sport sunglass frames. The Spy Scoop® venting system combats lens fogging by promoting airflow between the lens and the wearer's face.

Spy's polarization treatments superseded existing eyewear standards with its premium injected Trident polarized lenses. The lenses effectively eliminate more than 99% of blinding glare for precise, unobstructed vision.