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Children’s Safety Eyewear – A Necessity!

Studies show that eye injuries account for 40,000 trips to the emergency room annually. This is equal to an eye accident every 780 seconds! Eye Care professionals agree that the vast majority of the damage would have been easily avoided by wearing proper eye protection. More often than not eye damaging accidents happen when people of all ages are participating in sports or working at the home. Youth are particularly prone to eye accidents, which frequently happen during sport activities.

Having your kids use protective eyewear during sports will greatly lower the occurrence of eye injuries on the court. Safety glasses can be found in a large variety of designs and shapes so encourage your child to select their favorite look to ensure they will wear them.

To ensure you purchase safety glasses wisely, ask a qualified optometrist for suggestions. Our staff members can assist you in purchasing the right pair of glasses for your child, based on your child's particular needs. If your child has glasses, protective eyewear can be purchased with prescription lenses from your eye care provider. Ask about trivex or polycarbonate lenses for a child that plays rough sports. Not only are they more durable, they are also lighter than standard lenses, providing greater comfort.

Be informed when buying safety eyewear. It's worth it when it comes to safeguarding your child's eyes!