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This Halloween Beware of Decorative Contacts


Halloween is a time for fun, parties and dressing up but you should take some precautions so it doesn't end in some scary eye damage.

Over the past few years, special effect contact lenses have become popular especially with teenagers and young adults and the trend is alarming eye doctors. Unlicensed manufacturers may use subpar materials or even toxic dyes to color the lenses. Further, wearing lenses without adequate fitting and treatment, can cause critical eye injury such as infection, abrasion or even vision loss.

For those who do decide to wear special-effect contacts, it is necessary to make an exam appointment with your optometrist beforehand. After a comprehensive eye exam, the doctor will determine the correct size, curvature and if required prescription required for the lens. The optometrist will also give essential guidance on proper hygiene of contact lenses.

While many people erroneously perceive special effect contact lenses as just another cosmetic accessory, unhygienic use of contacts can result in significant harm to your eyes and vision. Nothing should ever be placed into the eye without guidance from an eye care professional.

If your Halloween disguise just won't be complete without special effect contact lenses, contact your local optometrist to discuss your options. Halloween shouldn't be a "frightful" night for your eyes. Be knowledgable about the dangers unsupervised contact use can be to your eyes.