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Coloured Contacts

Have you thought about trying coloured contacts? There are lots of colour contact lenses to choose from, whether you want to subtly boost or noticeably alter the colour of your eyes. There is a whole spectrum of colored lenses on the market today, so you're sure to find just what you're after. Regardless of whether your eyes are light or dark or something in between, colour contacts are able to alter the colour of your eyes, to provide a brand new, captivating and natural look. Colour contacts are sold in monthly, two week or daily disposable options.

When you're ready to pick a colour, base your choice on your natural pigmentation, and the type of look you'd most like to achieve. If you're not sure what you're after, and want to look into a whole range of colour options and see how your new lenses will modify your appearance, your eye care professional can help you when you try on all the different colours available. You can even get a pack of lenses in a few different colours if you aren't able to settle on just one colour.

It's also crucial that you purchase contacts from a trained lens fitter only. This is because not all lenses fit the same way, even if they're coloured lenses with no prescription. A lens with no prescription can chafe the eye and do damage; specifically causing a corneal abrasion, or even a corneal ulcer if the rubbing is bad enough. You must always bear in mind that contact lenses are indeed medication. Make sure you steer clear of colour contact lens sellers that may carry non-certified contacts coloured with dyes that are toxic and hazardous. Regardless of whether coloured lenses have a prescription and are worn to aid your eyesight or to simply boost your regular colour, it's important that they're prescribed, and fitted by your optometrist. Make time to visit us to find out about your colour contact lens choices.