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Focusing on Eye Patches

Lazy eyes are pretty common, and are also quite easy to rectify. It forms when sight in one eye is stifled. This may occur if a child can't see well through one eye because of issues with distance vision, and in some cases, astigmatism. Coupled with corrective glasses, one of the treatment options is patching your child's eye for a number of hours per day to boost sight in the lazy eye. So how does patching actually help? In short, implementing the use of an eyepatch helps your child's brain to better interact with the weaker eye, and over time, strengthen it.

A lot of moms and dads find it really difficult to fit their children with eye patches, particularly when they're preschool-aged. When their better eye is covered, it makes it harder for your child to see. It's a confusing notion- your child needs to wear the patch to improve their weaker eye, but can't happen successfully unless their better eye is patched, which temporarily limits their sight. There are a number of methods to help your kids keep their patch on. Implementing a reward system with stickers can be great with some kids. Eye patch manufacturers sympathize with the issue; patches are made in loads of patterns and colors that kids will love. Make it an activity by giving them the chance to choose a different patch each day. Kids who are a little older can usually comprehend the process, so it's productive to have a little session where you talk about it.

For very young children, there are flotation wings to stop them from pulling at their patches.

A positive outcome needs your child's help and your ability to stay focused on the long-term goal of recovering good vision in your child's weaker eye.