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Binocular Vision & Vision Therapy

Binocular vision refers to the ability of the eyes to work together as a team. In the normal visual system, the brain combines the image from each eye into a single 3D image. Proper eye coordination and teaming is crucial for academic success, in addition to spatial orientation and coordination.  Even a slight misalignment of the eyes (only detectable by an eye doctor) can cause symptoms such as double vision, eye strain, headaches, and difficulties with reading or comprehension.

Symptoms that may indicate a binocular vision problem:

  • Covering one eye or tilting the head while reading
  • Holding reading material very close
  • Skipping lines or losing place while reading
  • Poor comprehension/ memory after reading
  • Poor performance in sports
  • Avoidance of reading and near tasks
  • Tiring easily
  • Complaining of headaches, eye strain or double vision

Optomeyes is proud to provide specialty Binocular Vision Evaluations to fully assess the functioning of the visual system and how the two eyes are working together.  This may be of particular importance if your child is struggling in school or with reading. Upon detection of a binocular vision disorder, the optometrist will likely recommend specialized therapeutic glasses, vision therapy (training for about 3 months), or both, depending on the patient's unique findings and needs.

**Note: We speak of binocular vision disorders in children because they are common and often undetected or misdiagnosed as a learning disability or ADHD.  However, binocular vision anomalies also occur in adults, especially after traumatic brain injury, including concussion. See our Post Concussion Vision Syndrome page.