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Emergency Appointments

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An Injury to the Eye - Why You Should See an Eye Doctor

There is a common assumption that when an eye emergency occurs, you must rush to the emergency room. However, when a common eye injury, such as a corneal abrasion or simply a scratch in the eye happens, it is often best to see an eye doctor. Your local West Vancouver or Squamish Eye Doctor will be much more effective in treating the injury. Because the cornea is a sensitive part of the body, you will feel that the injury is quite large and painful. It's important to remember that rubbing your eye may risk the possibility of spreading infection. It is best to rinse the eye out with saline solution.

Whether you have a Red/Painful Eye, Infection, Vision/Prescription Problem or Contact Lens Problem we are available 6 days a week to see you promptly. Our friendly receptionists at Optomeyes would be happy to assist you.

We have two locations to serve you better.

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