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Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery Consultation and Co-Management

Refractive Surgery (Lasik, PRK, etc.)

Over the last few years, refractive surgery has become an accepted method of correcting vision, and most patients have several excellent options.  Unfortunately, refractive surgery has also become fraught with heavy media advertising and cost-cutting shortcuts, leaving patients with a bewildering maze of promotions and misleading information. Refractive surgery can be quite safe and accurate, but all types of refractive surgery are just that – surgery. Like any surgical procedure, laser surgery is irreversible and thus must be treated with caution and careful consideration.

The doctors at Optomeyes   have co-managed over 2000 refractive surgery patients. We are trained and experienced to determine if you are a good surgical candidate and can provide unbiased advice as to what type of surgery would be best for you. We will counsel you on your options and important considerations before undergoing the procedure.  We will be happy to provide your pre-surgical workup and all of the post-operative care after your surgery. In our experience, it is preferable to have your post surgical progress closely monitored by an independent doctor rather than "in house" at a laser centre.

In general, to have refractive surgery:

  • Your prescription must be stable
  • You must have no active eye or systemic disease that could affect your eyes
  • You must discontinue contact lenses wear per your doctor’s instructions
  • You should be of sufficient age (at least 22 for males and 21 for females)
  • You must have sufficient corneal thickness for your prescription ( LASIK and PRK)
  • You must have realistic expectations

If you would like to discuss Laser Surgery Correction further feel free to schedule a Consultation Appointment.

Are there any alternatives to surgery where I can see without glasses or contact lenses?

YES check out our Orthokeratology page for more information.

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