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Post Concussion Vision Syndrome in West Vancouver and Squamish

What happens to the eyes after a concussion?

The brain is made up of soft tissue and is surrounded by blood and spinal fluid. When a concussion occurs, the brain his pushed back. This can affect many things inside the brain including vision. Vision is a function of your eyes seeing something and your brain processing what you see. Thus, you need a properly functioning brain in order to see well.

Vision is a very complex process that occurs primarily in the brain. Therefore, it is no surprise that concussion, strokes, and other forms of brain injury can cause patients to have significant difficulty with visual clarity and effective visual function. We call these Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. African-American man glasses

Visual symptoms that may occur after head injury:

  •   Blurry vision
  •   Light sensitivity
  •   Nausea and dizziness
  •   Difficulty with reading and comprehension (words seem to move on page)
  •   Difficulty with attention, concentration, and memory
  •   Double vision
  •   Headaches & eye strain with near work

These symptoms result from a variety of problems that can occur after the brain is bruised, including inefficient eye movements and tracking, poor functioning of the focusing system (accommodative dysfunction), small misalignment of the two eyes, or difficulty with spatial orientation (resulting in nausea, dizziness, etc.).

The visual symptoms associated with head injury can be successfully decreased or eliminated with:

  • Therapeutic lenses (may include specialty tints or prism to realign the eyes)
  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation & Vision Therapy (a personalized program with daily eye exercises to rehabilitate the visual system and restore its original function)

Book an appointment for a 'Binocular Vision Evaluation' and let us help you get back on track. This is especially important if your symptoms have lasted for over 1 month since your head injury.