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Squamish and West Vancouver Dry Eye Treatment

Squamish Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eyes? Visit Our Eye Doctors in Squamish & West Vancouver

Do your eyes sting or feel scratchy? Do you look in the mirror and see red eyes staring back at you? Or perhaps you always need to rub your eyes because they feel dry and irritated?  These symptoms may point to Dry Eye Syndrome – a very common, annoying condition. Fortunately, our expert eye doctors in Squamish and West Vancouver are knowledgeable and experienced with treating dry eye. Contact us to schedule an eye exam to determine the best dry eye treatment for you. There’s no reason to suffer – we can help restore your comfortable vision!

What causes dry eyes?

A wide variety of culprits can lead to dry eyes. In general, either your tear glands do not produce enough tears or your tears have a poor quality chemical composition, which causes them to evaporate too rapidly.

Common Causes of Dry Eyes & Red Eyes

  • Long periods spent reading or staring at a computer screen (both are associated with reduced blinking)
  • A problem with your tear-producing glands, such as blocked tear glands (often from blepharitis)
  • Side effect of particular medications
  • Aging, especially with women; hormone replacement therapy
  • Smoking, or being around smoke
  • Contact lenses
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • High air pollution and dust
  • Post-LASIK surgery
  • Systemic diseases, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, rosacea, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus

Dry Eye Treatment in West Vancouver and Squamish, BC

There is no absolute cure for dry eye, yet our eye doctor can design a dry eye treatment plan to relieve your painful symptoms. First, we must determine the cause of your personal dry eye condition. Many symptoms are shared by all patients with dry eye, yet the underlying causes vary widely. We will perform a comprehensive eye exam to uncover the root of your dry and red eyes and to rule out any other ocular complications. We may use a specialized procedure (quick and painless!) to measure your tear quantity and tear osmolarity. Our optometrist may also perform a Schirmer test, in which a thin piece of filter paper is placed along your lower eyelid. In addition, we will ask you about your overall health, lifestyle, and living environment. Your responses will help us to recommend a personalized treatment.

Possible dry eye treatments include:

  • Artificial tears: over-the-counter lubricating eye drops or ointments
  • Prescription medications that trigger or enhance theproduction of your natural tears
  • Punctal plugs: small plugs inserted in the corner ofyour eyelids to slow tear drainage
  • Artificial tear inserts that release moisture into your eyes gradually
  • Treatment for any underlying systemic disease

Tips to Cope with Dry Eyes

Along with medical treatment for dry eye syndrome, there are a number of helpful DIY tips that you can implement at home, for example:

  • Install a humidifier or air filter in your home and/orwork
  • Place warm compresses on your eyes to open tear glands and trigger tear production
  • Wear sunglasses to block wind and damaging UV rays
  • Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids
  • Take nutritional supplements: fish and flax seed oil (omega-3 fatty acids) have been shown to help with dry eye

Dry eyes can interfere with many daily activities, making it difficult to read, drive or play sports. Our Optomeyes eye doctors, in Squamish and West Vancouver, BC, can improve your quality of life with effective dry eye treatment!

Come see us at Optomeyes Eye Care for all your dry eye needs, today!