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Lindberg Frames in West Vancouver and Squamish

Man Wearing Lindberg Eyeglass FramesAt Optomeyes, we’re proud to offer our eye care patients top quality eyewear, including custom eyeglass frames from Lindberg.

Insisting on a unique blend of no-compromise attention to detail, patented technologies and individual craftsmanship, and drawing deeply from the Danish design traditions of carefully considered simplicity and elegance, Lindberg offers frames that are customised to your specific needs and preferences. The unique designs produced by this line of frames have won countless prestigious awards.

Lindberg frames come in a number of different responsibly sourced materials, including titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and diamons, as well as eye-catching natural animal horn.

To learn more, and to order your pair of unique Lindberg eyeglasses, make an appointment to see us in Squamish or West Vancouver, today!