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Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

Latisse is a revolutionary eyelash treatment to enhance the length and appearance of your eyelashes.

Latisse Eyelash treatment available at Optomeyes We are excited to offer LATISSE™ at both of our clinics. This prescription solution is used to treat hypotrichosis (too short or too few eyelashes). It works by elongating the growth phase of your eyelashes, making them grow longer, thicker and darker within just a few weeks!

LATISSE™ is a topical solution applied to the base of the lashes every night before bed. LATISSE™ users begin to see lash growth in just 4 weeks, and enjoy full results after 16 weeks.

This solution is very safe and a great alternative to lash extensions (which can often cause worsening of blepharitis – inflammation due to bacterial build-up along the eyelashes). In some patients, LATISSE™ can cause a mild allergic reaction which causes itching or redness around the eyelids. This should resolve immediately with discontinuation of the product. To find out if LATISSE™ enhancement is appropriate for you, call or visit OPTOMEYES for a Latisse assessment. To read more about this amazing product, Click Here.