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Nikon Digital Lenses in Squamish

Nikon Optical Canada manufactures premium ophthalmic lenses and world renowned coatings. With almost 100 years of experience developing legendary cameras and other precision optical instruments, Nikon has acquired unparalleled expertise in complex optics. Lens technology is constantly evolving and Nikon is at the forefront with its precision manufacturing and development of patented progressive designs.

Nikon was the first manufacturer to produce digital progressive lenses in Canada! The advanced technology used to construct these lenses makes them compatible with small frames and allows global dynamic vision, a vastly enhanced field of vision and an improved visual ergonomy – while almost eliminating any adaptation period. This means that you, the wearer of Nikon digital progressive lenses, will benefit instantaneously from the smooth and large field of vision. For more information feel free to contact us at OPTOMEYES!

Ask your eye doctor about these task-specific designs that will make your daily activities much easier!

Nikon Single Vision SeeMAX, DAS, Lite AS

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Nikon Progressive Lenses, Home and Office NEO, Online Wide Lens NEO, Relaxsee NEO

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Nikon See Coat

SeeCoat Bright: The Coating Revolution

Constantly pushing innovation to a higher level, Nikon introduces a new, proprietary and innovative coating like no other: SeeCoat Bright. SeeCoat Bright is a functional coating that delivers brighter, more vivid colour perception in dim light conditions and improves contrast for wearers who experience reduced light transmission.

Colour transmission changes according to the intensity of light. Under dim lighting, the eye’s perception of the red colour spectrum diminishes. As a result, colours may appear dull. This loss of colour sensitivity in dim lighting becomes even more notable after the age of 40 as the crystalline lens ages. SeeCoat Bright is the one and only solution to this phenomenon. SeeCoat Bright supplements the transmission of red wavelengths, resulting in more natural colour perception and increased contrast.

SeeCoat Blue Premium: The Next Evolution

Adding to its list of innovations, Nikon also presents SeeCoat Blue Premium, an enhanced version of SeeCoat Blue UV that reflects and absorbs blue light. SeeCoat Blue Premium improves blue light cut by 11%, resulting in less eye strain and visual fatigue, as well as better contrast perception. It reduces glare on the lenses by 25%, resulting in only a very subtle hue on the lenses. Furthermore, ghost images are reduced by 64%, providing natural and comfortable vision. SeeCoat Blue Premium can be applied on any type of lens – even those intended for daily use.

Complete Protection

SeeCoat Bright and SeeCoat Blue Premium boast all the properties of Nikon’s premium SeeCoat line: anti-static, oleophobic, scratch resistance and anti-glare not to mention full UV protection to safeguard both lenses and eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Nikon Eyeglass Lenses SEECoat in Squamish and West Vancouver