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Dr. Melanie Hennenfent


Dr. Melanie Hennenfent was born and raised in Vancouver.   She received her Bachelor Of Science Honours at Queen’s University and her Doctorate degree from the New England College of Optometry.   Dr. Hennenfent scored the national top score for her performance on the National Board Examination (Diagnosis & Treatment of Ocular Disease), and was the recipient of the NECO Clinic Award for 'Superior Knowledge and Competence in Patient Care'.

Dr. Hennenfent’s optometric experience includes an internship at the VA Hospital in Washington, working with specialized ophthalmologists in Florida, as well internships at Tufts Medical Center and Perkin’s School for the Blind, where she focused on providing care for children and patients with mental and physical disabilities.  Dr. Hennenfent participated in the NE-Eye On-Sight program, a mobile clinic that provides accessible eye care to underprivileged children throughout Massachusetts. She has a special interest in binocular vision, and is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and eye-teaming difficulties, as well as patients with Post Concussion Vision Syndrome.  She recently attended the COVD meeting in Anaheim, where she received a week of specialized training in the treatment of head injury patients, including the use of therapeutic lenses and administration of neuro-optometric rehabilitation and vision training.

Dr. Hennenfent is very excited to be back on the West Coast, where she can enjoy outdoor activities with her friends and family. In particular, she loves hiking, yoga and photography.

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